Lakeside Minecraft


 Founded January 1, 2012


Lakeside Minecraft


Lakeside Minecraft (LSMC) started as a small vanilla server in October, 2011 serving primarily as a school server for Lakeside High School. On January 1st, 2012, LSMC 1.0 launched and was very successful. After serveral very successful months, the server began to diminish and it was clear that something new had to be done. Throughout the fall of 2012, several alternative worlds were added, including the PVP world, the Creative world and Mantua. In addition to these worlds, work began on making a new and improved spawn-city and relaunching the server as "LSMC 2.0." LSMC 2.0 debuted on December 21st, 2012 and remains in use to this day. 

About Us

Lakeside Minecraft is a 24/7 non-griefing community survival server based out of Atlanta, GA. Our goal is to provide players with a friendly community environment that you can't find on most other minecraft servers these days. While most of these big servers sport fancy role playing systems, LSMC is about playing REAL minecraft with REAL people, and we make sure that every player has a chance to contribute to the community. If you want a chance to meet friendly people and play minecraft in a community environment with friendly staff, LSMC is the place for you. 

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